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Product Detail - Item # S972583

Item: S972583 
George Dickel Bottle in Bond returns in what has quickly become a flagship release for the company. After last year’s impressive showing, expectations remain high this year. That is true in part because George Dickel whiskey is overly abundant in the marketplace, being found in perhaps too many sourced products in 2020. The company might have reached a saturation point, as the 2020 Bottled in Bond release just doesn’t stand out enough for a product being released straight from the horse’s mouth. At its best, its more of the same, and worse, it doesn’t offer anything new or exciting. It’s amazing the difference a few years makes. If I didn’t feel like I drank this a hundred times already this year, maybe it would have left a better impression. If you missed last year’s edition, its a decent stand-in. Although its a bit more rough around the edges and hotter than last’s release, In the end, if you’ve had Dickel in its many various forms this year, it offers little new.

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